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Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Congresses, Summits, Conferences and More Coming in November 2017

Written By Donna Castellone, MS, MT (ASCP) SH | LinkedIn

Be sure to take advantage of some of the amazing things these congresses, summits, conferences and more have to offer!

Turkish Society of Haematology 43rd National Congress 2017

Venue: Titanic Deluxe Belek
Location: Antalya, Turkey
Start Date: November 1, 2017
End Date: November 4, 2017

Indian Society of Haematology and Blodd Transfusion 58th Annual Meeting 2017 (Heamatocon 2017)

Location: Guwahati, Assam (India)
Start Date: November 2, 2017
End Date: November 5, 2017

Hellenic Society of Hematology 28th National Congress 2017 (EAE 2017)

Venue: Megaron Athens International Conference Centre
Location: Athens, Greece
Start Date: November 2, 2017
End Date: November 4, 2017

3rd Annual Haematology Conference 2017

Venue: The James Cook University Hospital
Location: Middlesbrough (England)
Start Date: November 3, 2017
End Date: November 3, 2017

6th Annual National Conference of Indian Society of Transfusion Medicine 2017 (TRANSMEDCON 2017)

Venue: Vivanta by Taj
Location: Lucknow UP, India
Start Date: November 3, 2017
End Date: November 5, 2017

3rd Global Summit On Heart Disease - ISTH Workshop

Location: Bangkok, Thailand
Start Date: November 4, 2017
End Date: November 7, 2017

21st International Conference On Clinical & Experimental Cardiology

Location: Las Vegas, Nevada
Start Date: November 6, 2017
End Date: November 7, 2017

Best Clinical Practice with LMWH 2017

Venue: ELTE (Eötv&ös Loránd University) Gólyavár Building (Budapest, Hungary)
Location: Budapest, Hungary
Start Date: November 15, 2017
End Date: November 16, 2017

Portuguese Society Of Hematology Annual Meeting 2017 (SPH 2017)

Venue: Hotel Tivoli Marina Vilamoura
Location: Vilamoura (Portugal)
Start Date: November 16, 2017
End Date: November 18, 2017

International Society Of Blood Transfusion Congress 28th Regional Congress 2017 (ISBT 2017)

Venue: Baiyun International Convention Centre
Location: Guangzhou, China
Start Date: November 25, 2017
End Date: November 28, 2017


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