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Aniara Lab Tech Award

2011 Lab Tech Award Winner

Aniara is happy to announce the winner of the 2011 Aniara Lab Tech Award - Linda Stang.

Linda Stang
Linda Stang, MLT
Lab Scientist
Special Coagulation & Flow Cytometry
University of Alberta Hospital
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Congratulations, Linda
2011 Lab Tech Award Winner

Dear Linda,

On behalf of the selection committee for the Aniara Coagulation/Hemostasis Technologist Award for Excellence, I am thrilled to inform you that you have been nominated and selected as the recipient for 2011. The committee was faced with a hard decision this year as there were several deserving nominees. The information presented on your behalf was outstanding and exemplary. It was evident that you satisfy four major criteria the selection committee was looking for this year. You are currently involved in clinical aspects of coagulation testing and patient care. To your credit, there are numerous publications (past and pending) involving research, testing guidelines and clinical laboratory standards. Similar to previous award winners, you are deeply involved in the education of current as well as upcoming laboratorians and residents.

I would like to quote two specific comments that were provided to the committee that made your nomination stand out.

"Her commitment to furthering her self development in both the clinical laboratory and academia in the area of coagulation is evident in this nomination and recognition of her knowledge in the area of coagulation is evident both internal and external to her organization."

"Linda has made a difference in the coagulation world and has helped many different areas in the hospital."

Congratulations on this outstanding recognition by your peers.


Steve Johnson

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